In-House Dental Plan

We understand everyone may not have the possibility to afford dental coverage, so we have created our in house exclusive dental membership to offer discounted rates on our dental services for our new and established patient.

With an annual fee, your family can save hundreds of dollars on a variety of dental services while providing dental care for your children.

Annual membership includes:

  • 2 Dental exams by Doctors
  • 2 Professional dental cleanings
  • 2 Topical fluoride varnish applications
  • 2 Oral Cancer screening
  • 2 Set of digital caries diagnosing X- rays and 2 PAs
  • 20% Discount on recommended dental treatment
  • 20% Discount Nitrous Oxide.

Annual membership cost:

  • First Family member $300
  • Second child $250

We are committed to helping you enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile through life.

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